Cooper Tourisum

Luxury Yacht Charter

Thinking yourself in a gigantic yacht with host or hostess taking care of you, clean and furnished bedroom, comfortable rest room and beautiful glittering water all around you makes you feel like flying in the sky with happiness or like you are part of a movie or a chimera which cannot come true but hold on the cooper Tourism is here, to fulfill your dreams, to plan a huge vacation with your loved ones on a luxurious yacht. So, contact us and avail this experience.



Minimum 2 Hours

Days of Operation

All days of week


Day and Night, any time of your preference


No age limit

Trip Exclusions

Gratuities are optional


Dubai is well-known for luxurious living and entertainment; tourists travel from all over the globe to enjoy its splendor. Though there are many different activities that people can participate in, one of the most exciting is taking advantage of a luxury yacht fleet to experience the waves. Cooper Tourism provide you the best worth for your Yacht Charter in Dubai.

Cooper Tourism sets up a trip excursion that everyone you take with you will enjoy. If you need to enjoy fishing while you’re on a yacht, all of the fishing gear that you need will be provided by us.

We assure you a unique experience which cannot be described in words at an affordable and competitive rate. For more details about the Yacht Charter Rates And Deep Sea Fishing package, please contact on the numbers given on the website.